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  • New Student Registration for 2022-23 School Year

    Welcome New Students!

    Families wishing to enroll new students have two options:

    Option 1:  In-Person Registration for all K-12 students.  July 28th, 2022 from 9:00am to 4:00pm at North Montgomery High School. We will ask that attendance at new student registration be limited to the only the student(s) enrolling and a parent/guardian. Families interested in the Pre-K program should call 765-359-2112 prior to showing up to ensure space is still available. 
    For a list of documents that will be required for registration, please scroll down to the ** New Student Documentation Checklist section of this page.

    Option 2:  Online Registration for all K-12 students.  Opening July 18, 2022
    Parents who have access to a desktop computer can begin the registration process online starting July 18, 2022.  To begin the registration process online, click here.   Please have all documentation, contact and medical information gathered before beginning the process.  For a list of documents that will be required for registration, please scroll down to the
    ** New Student Documentation Checklist section of this page.

    Transferring Students

    Families living out of district who are interested in transferring to one of our schools should first contact the school directly for information about the process and any requirements. All transfers are at the discretion of the school administration. To verify if you are out of district, please refer to our school boundary map.

    Lester B. Sommer Elementary   765-362-3979
    Pleasant Hill Elementary    765-339-4403
    Sugar Creek Elementary    765-794-4855
    North Montgomery Middle School   765-364-1071
    North Montgomery High School   765-362-5140

    New Student Documentation Checklist

    You will need the following documentation for registering a new student. These may be uploaded during the online registration process or brought in-person to the school (please call in advance). Registration is not complete until all documentation is received. Residency procedures do not apply to homeless students.

    Birth Certificate
    A valid IN driver’s license or state issued ID with current address
    One of the following forms of proof of residency documents:
    1.    A current utility bill, cable, cell or telephone bill, tax return, bank statement, mortgage statement, rental/lease agreement, Section 8 Use Agreement, purchase agreement, home/rental insurance statement, medical bill or other like information that provides a verifiable address. Documentation should be dated within 60 days of student enrollment and the date should be clearly identified and readable on the copy on file for the student. Partial residency documents are only accepted in the most extreme circumstances.
    Guardianship/Custody documents (If applicable)
    Current Immunization and Health Records
    Prior School Transcripts/records (If applicable)
    Special Education documentation (If applicable)
  • Art Club will be meeting Tuesdays after school in the Art Room. Students can still join, even if they missed the call out!

    Juniors & Seniors who would like to speak with college representatives during the dates & times below please check in with your advisory teacher before going to room 304.
    10/3/2022 Ivy Tech 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/4/2022 Purdue University 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/5/2022 Ball State University 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/6/2022 Depauw University 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/10/2022 Indiana Tech 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/11/2022 Valparaiso University 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/13/2022 Franklin College 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/14/2022 I.U. 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/24/2022 Grace College 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/27/2022 Marian University 10:40 a.m. Room 304 ( B Hall)
    10/31/2022 Manchester University 10:40 a.m Room 304 ( B Hall)

    Hike and Spike sign-ups are posted around the HS. Please scan the QR codes on the posters to sign-up and order t-shirts. Hike and Spike will be October 25th.
  • Review our twitter feed at right and follow North Montgomery High School!

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Weather Delay Information

Decisions to delay the start of school, to dismiss early, or to cancel the entire day is made entirely on the consideration of student safety. Developing conditions during a winter storm may vary from one area of the county to another, but the appropriate response is made on a corporation-wide basis. The following information may be helpful to you as you prepare the necessary contingency plan for your child:

Radio Listings:
AM WCVC 1550
FM WKHY 93.5
FM WIMC 103.9
FM HOT 106.3
Television Listings:
WRTV Channel 6
WISH Channel 8
WTHR Channel 13
WLFI Channel 18

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