North Montgomery High School
Crawfordsville, Indiana


The current Fieldhouse Schedule can be found here
The current year's Physical Form can be found here

Summer 2019 Athletic Camp Info

Youth Football Camp
Middle School Football Camp
Volleyball Camp  
Tennis Camp
Soccer Camp
Girls Basketball Camp
Boys Basketball Camp

Fight Song

Oh we will always fight for North Montgomery beating every foe.
And we will always stand behind our Chargers we are on the go.


To our school we’ll always be true we stand out in all that we do.
Hail, hail, the team’s all here and we’ll push on to victory!

Oh, you will see the ever mighty Chargers fight for victory.
And you will hear the crowd give out this cheer for North Montgomery


Hit them hard and see how they fall never let that team get the ball.
Hail, hail the teams all here fighting for North Montgomery!

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