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Our priority at North Montgomery High School is to help students socially, emotionally, and academically learn and grow.  A student's regular attendance in all classes is vital to that growth.  We value partnership with all stakeholders to help our students maintain regular attendance, in order to push towards their academic and life goals and achieve their potential.



Procedures to report an absence:


1.     Parents/guardians are requested to call our 24-hour attendance line (765) 362-5140 by 8:30 a.m.

2.     A phone call is needed for each day a student is absent, unless prior arrangements have been made with school personnel.

3.     If notification is not received within 48 hours, the absence will become a truancy.

4.     Students must receive approval from the administration and from a parent/guardian to leave school for an absence prior to dismissal.

5.     Make every effort to schedule students’ appointments outside of school hours.  Students need to present appointment notes to the front office upon returning to school.


Important absence information:


1.     Absences reported by parents/guardians are considered undocumented until the school has received a medical note, or other written documentation as noted on p. 8 of the handbook.

2.     Sign in / out:  Any student arriving at school after the school day begins, or returning from an appointment, must sign in at the front office.  Any student leaving for an off-campus CTE class or receiving approval from the administration and from a parent/guardian to leave school for an absence must sign out at the front office.  This is important for school safety, and discipline consequences will occur if these procedures are not followed.


The full attendance policy for North Montgomery High School, with regard to the State of Indiana’s statutes for compulsory attendance (ref:  IC 20-33-2), can be found in the handbook.


Doctors’ notes can be faxed to:  (765) 362-6710.